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☆ the voice box ★

★ a kim jongwoon fanworks community ☆

The Voice Box
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Welcome to The Voice Box, a community dedicated to fanworks focusing on Kim Jongwoon aka Yesung of the idol group Super Junior.

If you are a fan of the "art-like voice," read and/or write Yesung-centric fics, and have other Yesung fanworks to share, feel free to join! Please read the warning and the rules before joining and posting.

Membership is not subject to pre-approval; anybody can join!

Warning: Posts may contain mature content and may support romantic relationships between men. If you are uncomfortable with these contents or subjects, please refrain from joining the community.

Entries are subject to approval by the mods to ensure that all posted fanworks follow the Posting Checklist.

Also, the community encourages creativity and originality from the writers.

♕ No bashing/flaming/fighting of authors, readers, and pairings. This is a drama-free zone!

♕ Members can make only ONE post a day. Any number of fics or a combination of fic and fanart may be included in a post.

♕ No plagiarizing of others’ works. Always credit where they’re due.

♕ Most importantly: HAVE FUN!

☞For any other questions or clarifications, send the moderators a well-worded e-mail at thevoicebox.mods@gmail.com